Monday, June 4

the list so far...

I bought my friend a pressie for her birthday, a gorgeous watch bracelet - that I could happily adopt as my own.
I cleared out over 80 books in my house and have started to price them and put them out
and I cleared out a couple of bags of clothes and donated them to charity.

I even got the bag out with my disordered assignment notes in to sort later and hopefully start on tonight.

I am not sure what is happening but frankly I'm impressed I got all of this done in less than a day!

As usual I watched Greys last night at a friend's place and just thought about friendship - when George questions his friendship once he gets married to his wife. She wants his support and by this he has to stand up to his friends which he does. It's basically choosing what is important to us...hmmm

So I cleared, cleaned, had lunch, met up with two friends and now have two bags of mostly fiction to price and put out.
It looks like it's going to be a good week :)

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