Monday, May 28

please congratulate me...

I am eating again!
I have been moniering my diabetes, am on a programme and going to a workshop in a week and follow up breakfasts to meet other people with diabetes and get some support.
I finally admitted that I have a problem with stress and being grumpy - so am going to do something about it.I can't tell you guys what but believe me its big & scary and will change me and give me the clarity I desperately need.
My friends are being so supportive but am also learning to be assertive with them and told them I have made a choice lately to better myself, to challenge myself rather than walk away and give up on something that could be the best thing for me and help me deal with so many things.
My family is so supportive and my Pops came up with an excellent idea for the shop...stay tuned :)
I spent the weekend chilling out, watching Grey's and meeting friends and am so pleased that I have people in my life who love me & support me no matter what and in spite of my moodiness.
It's been a long and hard 3 months, stress, work, diet, changes, plans, the shop, friends, issues all of them seem to have accumulated into a giant and messy pile.
But then it settled, I made a HUGE decision and it just seemed to lighten the load...
So please congratulate me because I feel very happy and blessed, loved, supported and in return can give back...

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