Tuesday, May 15

an eyeopener...

For the last two days I have been reading Kate Holden's In My Skin about her heroin addiction and working on the streets and in brothels in her twenties.
It's an incredible book because she is so open about her life as a prostitute who needs a fix a couple of times a day and supports her addicted boyfriend.
The reason why this book is so controversial and received huge reviews here in Australia is because she came from an ordinary Melbourne family and just grew up in this upper middle class ordinary and supportive existence before she became addicted and it changed everything.
Click on the link and you'll read an interview with her about the fact that she was quite softly spoken when growing up and couldn't say no and while she has never made an excuse for what happened to her - I find her book and her story intriguing.
It really is one of the best memoirs I have read because Kate Holden seems quite gentle and soft while making no apologies for her addiction or for the work she chose to get her through. It must have been amazing for her to have looked back and written this and frankly I'd recommend this book to give readers insight into a world we've probably all walked past or heard about but never (I hope) been a familiar.

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