Monday, May 21


The last two months have been about learning; this is what I have come up with so far (kinda Dalai Lamaiish - seeing that he is coming to Sydney and I'll hopefully be attending)

1) Come up with new ideas for the shop; but I am allowed to take a break. I have decided on a new thing I want to try out so stay tuned!

2)my diabetes is getting better and better. So is my eating. In fact this carb insulin exchange is the best thing for me - because it makes sense!

3) Super foods are brilliant! I could happily live on spinach, blueberries & oats! I also love salmon, tuna, broccoli, berries,beans especially edaname beans and it's just a matter of going through the list and choosing what you want to add to your meals. Here's some -
Tea (green or black)

4) Things have not been so good in my personal life!
I have been very cranky and moody so I tackled it by speaking to people, reading books on communication and taking Bach remedy. It's a process and the hardest thing is the way I think and react and behave is a pattern, some things I need to change and some I don't

5) The things I need to change are hard work - it's a process.
And some days I lose it and then have to reflect on how that effects whatever happened.
It's not something I particularly like or would have chosen to do...but hey all this NLP stuff, retraining your brain and negating negative thoughts and breaking lifetime circular patterns - it's interesting stuff! There has been a lot of reading, speaking and thinking involved.

6) Pay attention to family and friends and responding to their needs and wants and quirks - not something I'm really good at! I make a plan to see at least three friends and a family member 2 nights a week - again not easy...but it makes me less selfish!

7) In terms of the shop - I've been looking at customer service and relating to how nurses treat patients; usually very politely and calmly, getting them what they need, being quite warm...I'm going to try some of that.

8) I can't think of an 8 - so much has been happening and I have been going through huge personal has been very challenging!

I'm reading ASpotofBother - which I am really loving and just taking each thing I am learning and challenging it! It hasn't been easy but I am noticing the changes and my responses and reactions - it's kind of the opposite of Zen Buddhism - challenging, a bit crazy and whirling thoughts hopefully leading to calm...

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