Saturday, May 12

long long work days...

I am sitting here thinking of all the work I'd like and need to do and ticking it off slowly!

- buy books in - started to tick - I've bought in almost every day this week
- re arrange the shelves - have done cooking, gardening, kids, photography and a bit of Natural History, fixed up the fiction section and working on the classics
- the window has been rearranged for Mother's Day and sold 8 books in two days out of it - that's excellent!
- I've contacted remainders dealers to organise someone to speak to about remaindered and discounted items
- have bought books in from the Dymocks Top 100 and displayed them.

So that's a few ticks in my favour this week!

On a personal side - seeing that I'm having a day off now and I need to make effort with my friends; I've seen three friends a night each last week, am trying to have time with my sis, going to see the old rents over the weekend AND give myself a little de stress time, a walk, a bath while taking Bach remedy, mood tablets and Vitamin D!

The days are feeling incredibly long lately. I have been innundated with requests for new books and have annoyingly had to explain that it's a second hand bookshop which cannot profit from ordering new books in for customers. I guess it is how I say it so:

I am going to get some customer service tips, hints, books and practice in...I could do with changing a lot about myself and will just add this to my personal me and shop make over!

Foe now I am working out what the shop needs and specifically buying in popular books which are on the best seller lists. I have Italian cookbooks, Jodi Picoults, Baby Love and I am just buying in as much as I can to stock this place up and give it my best shot!

So with better customer service (a lot of patience is required and a personal healthy make over) I think that I'll be rewarded for these long long work days and the effort I'm going to be putting in from now on.

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