Wednesday, March 7

taming the beast...

Woah! 14 year old Sarah begins a very sexual affair with her 38 year old English teacher who has to choose between staying with her and possibly getting caught or moving away to Brisbane with his family. It's a very direct, open and sexually connotative book. Sarah is a 14 year old child but she is so mature, insightful and open with Daniel - it's creepy to read. I am intrigued but I do not like the subject matter at all - and scarily enough I am in the middle of reading Adultery - although it should be called adultery lite because it it doesn't seem to be a harsh or dramatic act of being found out and am also skimming through Inevitable illusions; which is all about how we are trained to think and come to conclusions and we can retrain that, re assess the fact that we could immediately jump to conclusions and become mentally lazy. I am not sure what the universe is trying to tell me by reading this combination of books? Perhaps that my automatic response to affairs and adultery needs to be worked at...give me a chick lit after all of this mental workout and retraining my cognitive skills - please?
Although I am still half asleep - I am getting quite a bit done at work. I have contacted and emailed all the press for the launch and tidied up the email campaign, I am in the middle of organising a group of girls for a possibly regular book club meeting, I have arranged shop dinners tonight and have tidied up the back section and put quite a bit of books out this morning.
Now I am off to read about the seven deadly sins in this book:

- overconfidence
- illusory correlations or magical thinking
- predictability in hindsight
- anchoring
- probability blindness
- reconsideration under suitable scripts

hmmmm - I think I'll need a coffee...

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  1. Hello there! I discovered your blog a couple of months ago, then lost it and found it again!

    I keep meaning to come over and see your shop though. I live in Sydney as well and have seen it a few times..

    I would so love to own a bookshop. I daresay its my wildest dream.