Wednesday, March 14

longer and longer...

I remember complaining to my friends on the rhs of this page that they weren't posting any blogs until I had a look at my latest offerings and was ashamed to see a few a fortnight rather than one everyday that I was trying to do!
It's not like I don't have anything to say - I can't seem to shut up or stop talking and I have had so much to do work wise and socially I have plans almost every night.
Everything just feels slower lately. I am run down, saw a specialist yesterday, to cut down my insulin and to take blood tests to see what is making me so lethargic, apathetic, irritable and sleepy - not good things to have while running a business, organising book clubs, changing venues for a book launch next week while also arranging to attend networking cocktail parties, babysit, meet friends for dinner and do all the other stuff that keeps me going. This consists of hugging and feeding Hemingway, watching Greys, reading chick lit, texting and calling my friends, making stir fries (frys?) for dinner and keeping the shop running.
In the last month we've had new books in and two authors in attendance - I have bought almost 300 books, organised a book launch for a guy at the Bondi Pavilion and tried to think of all wonderful shoppy things to do. I've finished reading Jodi Picoult's Harvesting The Heart which is about mother hood and read a really crazy book about this 29 year old who has had a crush on a man for 15 years - a huge waste if you ask me.
I have advertised Ian's launch online, in newspapers and in events on a variety of sites - so fingers crossed it's a good night.
And now i am going to blog more - I feel very vague and I am sure this will help me stay on top of things.

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