Friday, March 16


It's been one of those days. I've had four people coming in to try and sell books - I bought from two of them but had to turn the other two away.
Then I had a really nasty customer come in complaining about all sorts of things - we're honouring a very expensive gift voucher left over from a mishap between this woman's friend and the past owners and she tried to sell books she got free from the shop back to us.
You know when you get someone and you just can't believe how nasty she is? And she hasn't even used up the voucher we've been honouring for almost two years for her and complained when I gave her a deadline to spend it by. Very annoying. I would be thrilled if I got books for free and a hefty load of books at that - but she is not.
I bought some crime fiction from a sweet tourist and a whole lot of children's books but sales are dismal today. I wonder if St Patrick's Day has anything to do with this? I am sure that people have started drinking since this morning and I am hearing/seeing all sorts of comments about bars, parties, dress ups, green, drinking, city etc. Hmm - I have a birthday party to go to tonight but will see...

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  1. Its fascinating to see how your lovely little shop is run. I am sorry she was so awful - some people can't help themselves.