Monday, March 19

monday speeding along...

It's Monday again! A day I always have problems with!
But I've been up since 7am, seen a diabetes educator, had a bit of a walk and a coffee then caught a cab into work. I
'm feeling a bit mentally refreshed; I am on the way to sort out my sleeping sickness lite because I have opted for retraining about food, carbs, sugar and insulin. I have an appointment in a few weeks with a dietitian.
Then work has been good this morning.
I've had a constant stream of customers and the toy man coming in to assess our toy sales. He's very happy with the sales and even gave me a toy in thanks.
I am organising shop things; time for the window to change, things to move, sales to go to and just little changes - I have been so vague lately that I really need to force myself to get back into things and start sorting my health out. I also need to exercise!
So it's Monday and this vague with good intentions book seller is slowly learning that I need to sort out myself first which will benefit the shop second.
I have been looking at all the books in here and trying to see what I need, what I don't need, what is selling and what isn't. My conclusions have been interesting and will be making a list of best sellers, always sellers, non sellers, extra sellers, constant sellers, go to a fair as soon as possible and buy our staples in.
The toys are doing well, the stationery has been slow and occasional so I will have to think of something new to bring in or do!
I have a launch to attend on Thurs and a joint party celebration this Saturday night so socially I am busy organising as well.
I am off to look at more books...

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