Friday, March 23

book launches, parties and a good book...

It's been a week of trying to do things! I tidied up the shop over the last two days, got some books in, moved some things around and Pops put out a whole lot yesterday morning. I've tried to exercise but it rained one night and I was too tired the next - so haven't been even after I joined the SpecialK2weekchallenge I have to get Special K cereals, print out a diet plan and exercise almost every day! Start betting on whether I meet this challenge people!
Oh and I have to start on it, take the challenge - by Monday I'll be ready for it!
2 of my friends and I organised a belated birthday party tomorrow night at a gorgeous bar in Kings X so I spent the last few days getting names for the guest list and inviting people; we're expecting over 80 people and to have a really good night! It's a 3 level bar in a Victorian terrace house and its built like a lounge - I can't wait!
While wandering around the shop one day I found this book MyIshmael and I can't seem to put it down. A 12 year old girl finds a teacher whose mind she can read and together they delve into humanity, evolution, food, the environment but the catch is that Julie's teacher is a gorilla - Ishmael. This book is weird but brilliant, engrossing and thought provoking - I love it!
I went to a book launch last night that was more a party than a book launch - it was held overlooking Bondi Beach lots of people and drinks - not much book talk or reading or any of the usual stuff that happens at book launches. I dragged some non book worms along and they loved the drinking and looking at the beach part and even two of my friends bought a book at the end - excellent night.
I am thinking of ideas to self improve the shop as well as to self improve myself and I am putting together a shop challenge directly linked to the Special K challenge - both start on Monday. Please email your support I'll need it to sort out my exercising...

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  1. Thats Eddie Vedder's (the lead singer of Pearl Jam) favourite book! I could never get into it.