Monday, March 26


It's always Monday!
How is that possible? And it drags on for an eternity. I hate Mondays the most because my one proper day off Sunday is the day I have to cram so much in and it is never enough. I actually helped out a friend on Saturday afternoon and Mops and Pops have been taking over the shop on Saturday afternoons and I have Thursday mornings off to do things as well as shop things - but I am longing for a five day weekend and a two day week.
Before I know it I have to wake up and start again!
I spent all of Sunday half cleaning and tidying the house, shopping for groceries, meeting friends, cooking breakfast and watching Grey's - it sped by.
I cried during Grey's last night - the episode was about support - support between all the doctors and supporting someone even after they have hurt you but you realise they need you. So it became deeper about whether you are the chicken or pig in a relationship. The pig is committed. I cried because this guy found out this pregnant girl who happened to have two uterus es, cheated on him when they broke up and had two kids in two separate wombs 6 weeks apart. He comes back and he says he just saw the baby boy and he was amazing...then touched her stomach and said how is our little girl? That's love, support and commitment.
I woke up early this morning, had breakfast and have been helping an annoying family select toys and puzzles for this sweet little 3 year old boy. Then they misplaced all the stuff they had just purchased and said I hadn't give it to them despite the fact that she had taken it from me and the desk was empty. They finally found the book tucked in the pram. Sigh!
I rearranged the window this morning, checked email, swept and looked at the clock and it is still 10am!
I selected this book to read this morning; it seems sad. It's about a troubled 16 year old girl who leaves Sydney to work in the US and doesn't get on with the family. She smokes and drinks and is quite lonely I think - it sounds very interesting.
And now it's Monday - the day i have to start exercising so it's a walk after work and a visit to the local gym to start going on the treadmill - wish me luck!

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