Wednesday, February 7

still sleepy...

still! I am not as bad as I was last week but yesterday afternoon I couldn't wait to go home and sleep which I rushed home at 5pm to do!
I am annoyed at being this tired; I am taking vitamins, eating more fruit and veggies but it just seems like I have a sleeping spell cast on me and I want to just get into bed!
Apart from sleeping and being tired I am a few days away from hosting a children's author and have emailed, advertised, notified and handed out leaflets and flyers!
I am reading again and I can't get enough of AirBabylon which is all the inside goss about airports, planes, crew, staff and all the little things us mere travellers don't know! I have read about escaped snakes and sex in the disabled toilets- have a read of this book; I love reading about different industries and what goes on!
And now... it looks like my body is crying for some sleep...

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