Monday, February 5

sleeping sickness...

sounds romantic doesn't it?! Sounds like a fairytale containing a beautiful princess with a perfect dress, long locks of hair and perfect skin sleeping beautifully, sedately and charmingly until she is woken up by a prince!
Sadly though the reality is this:
I have been sleeping on and off for four days! I am tired, moody, listless, sleepy, lack energy and feel like sleeping all the time... it takes me ages to dress, to think, to concentrate, to speak, to muster up the energy to do something which needs to be done and Hemingway is feeling a bit moody and listless as a result of his mommy acting so strangely for four days straight..
I am not really reading or talking or working... I am just tired!
I came into work today and have every intention of getting the shop ready for the children's authors this and next Saturday. I sent a few emails, handed out leaflets and what can I say I am tired again!
Sleeping sickness is so exhausting I spent lunch with friends yesterday telling them how tired I am and finally crashing to sleep at 7pm!
But a few good things have come out of this! I have loaded my spinach and vitamin intake and when I am more awake; I plan on enjoying it more! That means more exercise, more coffees at a cafe before work and no more complaining that I'm tired - it's taught me how annoying it is to be tired all the time!
I have also slept for let's see; in four days almost three of them solid in bed about 36 hours!

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