Tuesday, February 13


I am officially 31 years old today!
Many years ago when I didn't believe in getting older than twenty something I thought I'd be a highly successful married career woman with kids, a great hubby, a house with a garden somewhere, pets, brilliant friends and so on...
Well I am single, 31, have a good career and have some really close friends.
I live in a great flat with bright colours, work in this job which gives me incredible freedom and have Hemingway my cat who I love utterly and completely who makes my day when I come home and he screams with joy and runs to the door!
It's funny because single women are in! They're considered sassy, independent, smart, able, logical and capable. I can kill spiders and cockroaches, clean the flat, replenish my groceries, get things done, take out the garbage, attempt to budget and live a full and independent life...but I have the luck of going out to eat every single night if I want to! I can cancel plans at whim, make plans at whim, lie in bed on Sundays, eat what I want, read what I want, watch what TV I want and also find out who I am and make my mistakes, choices and be as moody, independent, hermit like or outgoing as I want!
I never imagined being 31 but today I feel incredibly lucky and blessed with the life I have, the job that makes me grow, a family who think I am kooky but loves me anyway, friends who accept me, love me, respect me, trust me and are always excited to see me and a home which is my sanctuary! Some of it thanks to Pops and his generosity is because I have a very giving father and a lot of it is luck!
Thanks for all my birthday wishes and pressies - I love getting boxes and packages and my sis sent me a huge box from the UK filled with goodies!
Now I have been at the shop for two weeks and have attempted to formulate a business plan for my sis, prepare the shop for authors, bought in two huge boxes of new books - they need to be priced and put out still and just still making little and constant changes to the business!
I have been kitten sitting much to Hemingway's pure disbelief that his mommy would bring a tiny male kitten home and had to endure two days of glaring until he forgave me!
Now I am reading a funny book aimed at young adults and just enjoying my post birthday lunch! I had a vegetarian breakfast and my anorexic iced coffee!
I planned to host a picnic on the beach but it looks like rain so we're heading to a local bar for drinks...
my sleeping sickness seems to still be there but it has becoming sleeping sickness lite and am sure that I'll be back to whatever normal is in a week or so!
Until then I have things to change around in the shop, things to organise, an event to host and a birthday to celebrate - pressies to unwrap!
For anyone who is terrified of becoming my age...it's been good so far!

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  1. Happy Birthday!! I'm so glad to hear that you are loving your life - so you should be!!! You're an amazing girl and everyone loves to be in your company.
    I told Chris that you're 31 today, and he didn't believe me!! He said you definitely don't look it!
    Glad you liked the pressie - hope you had fun celebrating!
    Love you lots! xxxx