Friday, February 2

interesting times...

it seems! Can you believe it's already Feb and that this year is going so unexpectedly fast?! I have so much I need to achieve and I feel like there is so little time to get everything done. I have my first author in next Saturday. I still have to hand out flyers which are designed and printed (thanks to Pops) but still need to be cut and handed out by me. I was and have been tired and sick all of Wed night and Thurs and am still feeling tired and listless today. I have been eating, fruit and veggies all week so cannot understand!
Everything else is great - friends wise, work wise, social wise and even after this week eating wise with all the spinach, veggies, fruit, wheatgerm and honey I have been pouring into my body... so why am I listless?!
I have finished reading the Boleyn Inheritance and started two others which didn't interest me and have slept for almost a day straight... hope to feel better fast I have so much I want to achieve.
I have just picked up a book about missing books and a mobile library - that sounds really good and once I have finished chopping up I'll start reading it...

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