Wednesday, February 14

like every other day...

apart from soppy music on the radio, boys walking around with flowers and red teddies and stuff everywhere! This is the time to own a florist, teddy bear or chocolate shop!
I am really looking forward to meeting some single friends and go to a huge anti-valentines party in the city tonight. You can have your roses, dinners, soppy music and cheesy cards I want to be surrounded by intelligent, funny, interesting girls and some champagne! I love having a birthday followed by valentines and just milking the celebrations!
I am not sure if it's Valentines or sunny weather - there is no one about! I am reading a special book which came free with Notebook magazine - it's one of those cheesy light girl fictions about a woman who has a son with a guy who she ran away from and he turns up with his wife and teenage daughter to live in the same village she moved to. I am sure it's the same formula - them pouring out all the feelings they had for each other when they were young, her having to go through the pregnancy and 20 something years alone, him feeling all kinds of things for her that he doesn't for his wife and so on...
Should I be writing a book; I've read enough of them!?
I have no idea where the day has gone, I've been eating spinach salad, reading this book, getting calls from people wishing me Happy Birthday (still) and organising tonight! I'm tired from last night so the spinach and fruit juice should help!
As for the shop - I've handed out a few leaflets this morning and looked at two people's books (and bought two!)
The radio is blathering on about singles and terrible valentines presents - very confusing!

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