Thursday, February 15


this must be some kind of joke:

6th Feb - my sis
13th Feb - mine and my mom's
14th Feb - friend's
15th Feb - Hemingway's 5th birthday! Please send cat cakes and gifts!
16th Feb - another friend's
17th Feb - my friend's boyfriend's birthday
20th Feb - another friend
25th Feb - another friend
and 27th Feb - friend of my sis

Crazy eh? So I have bought my sis, mom, friend A and B pressies and will go to the birthday parties, drinks etc of the rest!

It's been a hectic week of birthdays, buying presents, having drinks, went to a party, going to a friend's birthday drinks on the weekend followed by two more birthday weekends!
Work is involved with author events,new books and having to stock up the emptying shelves! I am also doing a lot more promoting and marketing for the business and need to start organising monthly dinners for all the shop keepers because we all need each other's support and we need to gossip!
So it's a lot of work - a lot of time to market, promote and come up with ideas - I'm off to think of a few!

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