Wednesday, January 31


I have been designing leaflets, organising my authors in Feb, inviting schools and now am reading The Boleyn Inheritance and can't put it down!
It's been a strange two days - shop wise it's been quiet - dead almost with about 5/6 people coming in a day to sell books - but not many people wanting to buy. And it's still quiet out, with that eerie holiday feel...
me wise I feel a bit listless; I have been emailing, designing, planning, organising things for work and while doing all that it seems like my plan to exercise and to eat healthier are taking a back seat - my body is screaming for veggies, a swim, a walk and I am feeling it!
So I plan to exercise on the beach this Sat, walk after work and meet my friend for a Thai veggie dinner tonight!
I had two fruits and a banana smoothie this morning to apologise to my body and to perk myself up - it works!
Now I have books to order, leaflets to play with and this book to read!

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