Monday, February 19


Grey's Anatomy's new series was on last night - thank god because I was getting withdrawal symptoms! I actually cut my plans short to rush home and see it and am so glad that I did because it was about love.
More so about telling someone you love them before it's too late, or you make the wrong choice, or they die or they get shot, or they find someone else or they give up on you which pretty much sums up everyone and their experiences in this programme. I love Grey's it seems to challenge a lot of things I think and feel and experience in a less dramatic way and I am so interested in their relationships and dynamics with each other. I relate a lot of things back to my friends and things that happened to all of us recently and it makes me hooked on this programme!
Now it seems even more relevant because February is under pressure for Valentines' Day and love with a lot of people getting married and engaged, a lot of people are breaking up and single people begin to feel like they're losers because of the commercialism behind it.
Every friend of mine who is in a couple say that they do not buy into the whole roses, chocolates, flowers and dinner theme but it really is the singles who feel a little like something is missing just that one day.
And how hard must it be for someone who has just lost their partner in death, or a break up, a horrible divorce or some one's just cheated on you - rub it in will you?!
So this episode of Grey's challenged love - challenged telling someone you love them before you risk losing them or yourself in the process - I can't wait for next week!
I had a good weekend and a lot of deep sleeping - my sleeping sickness lite is still hovering over me; but I have been so conscious about what I have been eating and oh! I planned to walk to work this morning but I was too late! So I need to walk to and from work the rest of the week!
Maybe my body just suddenly needs to sleep more?
I am dealing with customers wanting to sell books, I want to move some shelves and genres around the shop, because I have new books in now - that need to be on display! And I have to get ready for my next author who is coming in March!
I am reading Fashion Babylon - this is after Hotel Babylon and Air Babylon - about life as a designer and the pressures competing in the fashion industry with the catwalks, models, drugs, shows, clothes and everything else involved in fashion!
Once more I am intrigued because it's another industry I have never been exposed to and I love reading the ins and outs, the temper tantrums, model antics, drug taking and clothes dramas - in the same way I loved reading about baggage handlers and duty airport managers and what happens in hotels, the hotel rooms, the maids - it's all so captivating. I am just not sure about how true everything actually is.
So I say go Imogen Edwards - Jones - she is churning these out!
Here's a great review

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