Friday, January 5

zooming by...

This year is already going too fast; I barely have time to post posts (!), never mind sleep or make appointments on time - I overslept this morning - oops
My sis and her hubby are here from the UK so we've had a family dinner (with another tonight), bookings at a yummy steak restaurant on Sat night, we saw Priscilla The Musical on Tues night - please please see it - it is excellent, funny, amazing stage and costumes - I loved it! and last night we went to the Moonlight Cinema - another brilliant night with fruity champagne, cheese, rolls while watching a black comedy SuburbanMayhem - so this week has been a whirl of getting up and doing fun things BUT I haven't swum once this week or eaten as healthily as I should - do we all break New Year's resolutions straight away???
Work has been interesting; there seems to be a lot of stragglers roaming around who want to read on the beach or looking for things to do; followed by long silences - where I assume said people are eating or at the beach! It's been raining almost every morning and night and really sunny during the day...
I have bought some stock in and have been buying books off all the enthusiastic people who cleaned their homes during the break but have been laying low waiting til people are back from holidays and will start ordering books, stationery, toys and stuff in again! :)
I have been reading girly books, Jane Moore's dealt with cancer and Monica McInerney with becoming an orphan and discovering something really dark - my next pick is about a couple of Texans faking it and living in Paris's Left Bank - just meant to be light reading but have been facing dark issues and thinking about making this a good, positive year!
I have rescheduled appointments, put aside time for swimming later this afternoon and this weekend and am going to spend some time with sis and her hubby before they leave...

Customers: few now and then - one man in the shop dropping books as I type
Sales: 3 from the window
Great website: free business courses courtesy of! buscourses
Work to do: put out books in back, mop the floor... maybe start checking out suppliers and ideas for the shop this year!

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