Monday, January 8

I don't like Mondays...


I usually come into the shop and sweep, check my emails, read the postsecrets site ( it helps me think about how similar people are and how we all have our fears, phobias and insecurities - this helps me to work out my stuff more!); but am a bit tired this Monday morning after having spent a week eating for obesity - I am not kidding - dinners, breakfasts and lunches with family over 10 days while my sis has been here and going out every day and night!
I have spent two days at the beach (gasp) in a bikini (gasp) - and swimming in the sea to sort out my tendinitis. Part of my resolution of getting healthy is sorting through all my own securities and the beach/bikini thing was a big one! I liberated myself! :)
My sis who only sees me for an intense week every 8 months or a year or so reckons that I am incredible moody and grumpy so I need to do something about that - something big - something medical or professional - I don't like Mondays; I tend to start off the week with big goals and promises to change every negative thing about myself and ends in a whimper of pizza eating and insecurity! Aaaargh!
It's also a grey almost rainy day and I have just fixed up the window, changed the cardboard display and had a bit of a tidy in the back of the shop. I have a list of suppliers to contact and need to make some decisions and goals for the shop this year! Anyone who has been reading this and is reading this - feel free to chip in with something original!
I reckon more toys, better stationery, some original yet small gifts and cards, to remove the second hand book shop sign and just have the name (hopefully more people will come in to see what else we stock) and more spying of Borders is required!
We watched Ali G last night and had pizza before my sis leaves today and I have to clean the place and sort out my flat - I'm talking clothes, a spring clean and big throw out and look through the cupboards (gasp!) - I have been living in the same place for over 8 years so you can imagine the accumulation - aaarrgggh Mondays...

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