Tuesday, January 2


It's the second day after the night before and I am still tired! My sis and her hubby are here from the UK and I think they are secret agents for Exercise Australia cos we must have walked for a couple of hours on New Year's - let's see from my house to Bondi Junction, caught the train to Kings Cross and then walked to Woolloomooloo (can't spell it!) to see the 9pm fireworks. Then walked to the party where I stayed and they walked to watch the 12pm fireworks and then left and walked some of the way home. I stayed at the party, got a lift and then walked 40 mins home! At 4am past all drunk and lost tourists!
So what do we do the next morning? We get up, drive to Bondi and then walk to Bronte Beach - my leg muscles were in agony! I'm telling you they're agents!
I had the hangover special with a berocca on the side - it was yummy and then spent two hours like lying a dead person after all that food! We're talking 3 fried eggs, a salsa dip, chips, steak and bacon - mmm
I spent a couple of hours with my sis and her hubby and my cousin lying on Bronte Beach and receiving text messages from friends about all the parties and goss on new Year's, then went to a friend to watch a DVD and had a chicken wrap!
I slept in this morning, finished reading one book about a woman who finds her man and went straight to reading the next true story about an English woman whose friends set her up with men - is this some sort of weird hint?!
It's called Jane Moore dot. homme if anyone wants to give it a try!
I broke one of my New Year's resolutions already - I was planning on swimming all day but never got around to it, oh and ate chips! :)
I am reading for a bit then plan to do a general shop something or other - it is boiling hot out - real beach weather and am still in holiday mode...

Sales: good morning so far
Customers: quite a few regulars talking about their presents and wishing me a happy new year
Reading: JaneMooredothomme


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