Tuesday, January 16

swallowing grandma

Swallowing Grandma! Talk about a great title for a book; it almost almost is better than Half Asleep in Frog Pyjamas - which I use often and have always loved!
I have been reading books and churning them out almost 3 a week at the moment! Last night I finished Cents and Sensibility and started a really rubbish Fashionista in King Arthur one where a 21 year old fashion girl ends up back in King Arthur's time in her Armani and Jimmy Choos- sigh!
I started Swallowing Grandma this morning - but have a book at home about strange (but true) zoological curiosities - so I think I'll read something that will give my brain some work when I get home.
I have a headache, sore throat and lots of medicine - I'm sleepy and feel like Grace did a few days ago; yep it's horrible being sick and single!
I don't have a fridge at home - it died over the weekend and I had to throw everything out but am getting one in a few days and my flat needs a good clean!I threw out hundreds of dollars worth of food and clothes but the flat is a huge mess and being fridge less doesn't help!
I vegged last night, read, ate dry pantry food and watched SuperNatural instead of doing anything useful!
This morning, Pops bought some funky kids gifts for the shop and I bought in books and I have spent an hour pricing and shelving them - my headache is not helping!
So I am going back to reading and finding stock...

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