Friday, January 19

in my boredom...

and to promote I've set up Skype number detector, delicious tags, Google reader and I am thinking of more ways to tag and promote the shop! I have been tagging this blog, the book shop, my space and all my links to others and the number set up is brilliant!
I have also joined or am doing a trial on get a life because this is my last year of being single and am going to make the most of what's out there! Having just typed this I must admit I spent the night in eating pizza and watching Will and Grace - a bit of me time. Tonight I plan on a bit of social and drinks time!
I have been buying books, cleaning the shop and setting up the window display.
I also started the email marketing campaign to promote the children's authors coming in - it's been a busy few days buying, changing, cleaning and designing the emails.
Now it's time to do letters to schools and leaflets to hand out, the books are organised, now i just need to think about seating and signing! It's going to be a fun, busy year with all the toys, events, stock and planning I am going to do month by month! When my older sis gets back we're setting up a business plan and monthly events! It should be a great year!
I'm reading a book called The last Year of Being Single and planning drinks later, Symphony on Sat night, dates and keeping healthy...

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