Monday, January 15

face recognition!

Oooo I love
All you do is sign up, sign in, upload a photo and it scans the photo and gives celebrity matches, I look like Michelle Kwan, Kate Hudson, Jennifer Love Hewitt ,Demi Moore, Hilary Duff and Hunter Tyler - oooo!
It's Monday morning at the shop and after dusting, sweeping and rearranging the window - I bought books off a customer and it is quiet as! I have had two people in all morning! Sigh!
I have been emailing friends, reading newsletters, comparing my face on this site and reading a magazine - I have also started reading Maggie Alderson's Cents and Sensibility .

It's a predictable easy girly love story! I spent yesterday at Redleaf reading this book and lying in the sun - bliss!
So while getting ready for this year by contacting a few suppliers and designing leaflets - I have the feeling it's going to be a quiet day today!

I have a really sore throat, am recovering from a weekend in the sun and taking lots and lots of medicine - I'm not fully here today!

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