Thursday, January 11

summer days, quiet days, lazy days

That sums it up! It's hot and summery and I am sure people are at the beaches and shopping and just vegging around; it's been quiet and I have had a friend in this morning who joined me for dinner last night and we went for brekky this morning who spent the rest of the morning helping me clear up all the blockages to love and my life in the flat.
We cleaned out my shoes and clothes and tidied up the messy room.
Now I have to fix and repair things and just spring clean the rest! I did the same thing in the shop, alphabetesised some shelves today and yesterday; cleared out some mess and cleaned the wax off the floor! Busy - eh?
I have swum twice this week and going to sis for a swim and dinner in a bit!
I finished reading Everyone Worth Knowing - it was so good it took me a day and a bit and started reading the new Philippa Gregory book - TheBoleynInheritance
I have had a few people in and out buying books and trying to sell books - yes it seems to be spring cleaning time and I have had about 4/5 people in a day! I bought a whole lot of girly fiction, crime fiction and some weird autobiographies for beach reading and I just had an old friend who I haven't spoken to in ages - rush in and pop three books on my desk! :)
I have my helper in here and we started alphabetising we've done fiction, classics, Australian fiction and have of the literary criticism - pretty good work!
I have been emailing suppliers and book contacts so my resolutions are going slowly, slowly!
Nearly time for my swim...

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