Friday, January 12


In the last two days I have been invited to: 2 boat parties, a movie at Moonlight Cinema, Jazz in the Domain, lawn bowls, and something else -over this weekend, next Fri and a few already in February!
My whole goal this year is to get healthy, to get over some stuff I have been carrying for way too long and to find love (well a husband by 32) but we'll start with meeting people, trying new things and dating!
I can't wait for this Sat and Jazz in a big open park with 30 or so people about half of which I haven't met yet, with food, drink... sigh
Work wise I am just emailing potential new suppliers and organising my two writers who are doing a talk and a book signing in Feb; exciting - I still have to email their dates, promote the event, design leaflets to hand out and contact all the schools - I love doing stuff like this! I have arranged their books so that's a start!
I have been looking at sites which sell stationery and toys and emailing suppliers - so this week has all been about me, swimming, spending equal time with friends and family, unblocking all obstacles to get my man and working on making this shop a success! :)
Phew I'm a little worn out; I plan to go for a walk and have said yes to all the invites so far...
I'm reading A Year in The Merde - Stephen Clarke - this book is hysterical. It's so dry and witty but with a highly observant Paul West who is trying to get through all the red tape, stereotypes, cliches and bullshit to work in Paris and open an English style tea room. It's funny and it's fiction based on his own personal experiences and I love it. I think I'll be finished by tomorrow!
I nearly started reading the Boleyn Inheritance but this book just grabbed me!

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