Saturday, December 30

one more day...

of the year left! Well technically it's two, but I plan to eat brekky and sleep/watch DVDs in anticipation of New Year's Eve! My sis and her hubby have just arrived - much to Hemingway's disbelief that people come in to his house uninvited, unpack, lie on the bed and help themselves to towels from the cupboard. He stood watching them in complete shock - he'll get over it about 10 minutes before they leave!
Pops has been looking after the shop on and off this week and bought a whole lot of photography and cooking books - I have just been pricing them and shelving them - most of them are gorgeous glossy coffee table books and are exquisite books. I think someone gave up on photography because we have photography guides and profiles and colour management for photographers - my cooking and photography shelves are full! :)
It's been a quiet week; most of the shops and cafes around me are closed and people are either on the beach or shopping like crazy at Westfield. So it's quiet and I am loving the limited hours thing! I bought in stock and have spent two days redoing the shop and window, taking down the Chrissy decorations and hanging up new stationery, pencil cases, cute notebooks for girls and watering the amazonian plants I have in here.
I am feeling a bit stressed because I want to be on holiday and in relaxing mode and watching all the beautiful people meandering aimlessly round Bondi drinking, eating and people watching! One of my friends is already bored - we've been for lunches and walks over the week and went to see Borat last night; so I guess it's good to keep the work balance and great that it is so quiet that I can take the afternoons off and go for walks and enjoy the sun - oh it's raining again - it's been like this all week! Sigh! :)
As I have finished moving books and trying to lift and move my arms - it's weird I have tendinitis in both shoulders, my left is more painful than my right and my arms hurt when I do anything. Like driving, pointing, lifting books, opening the till...I went to have it treated yesterday morning and apparently need to do more exercise - it's the universe's way of saying I am not doing enough and my muscles are freezing! Sheesh! I plan to go swimming and do arm lifts! Sigh...
Anyway; it's time to read Ridiculous Expectations - about a 35+ woman looking and hopefully finding her prince - true story! I read her other books and love her writing and Hey I am looking for my prince this year and hopefully to getting married by the end of next year - one of my resolutions. My others are to swim a few times a week and to go out more (to meet said prince), to be more positive (my friend and I watched TheSecret - about the law of attraction and how your thoughts are everything - but I guess I am taking a lot of the message with a pinch of salt and just looking at how I think) and to improve the business.
So that's four resolutions - I am going to see how long I keep them for!
Here's to finding my prince this year! :)

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  1. I was people watching in London the last couple of days - in between shopping, obviously! - and it never ceases to amaze me how varied people are. It's probaby because I'm a small town girl and live in the middle of nowhere - there are literally no people!