Monday, January 29

good friends, good books and relaxing...

and that sums up my 3 days! I spent all of Friday in the city with thousands of people milling about, waving flags, eating, drinking and celebrating Australia Day. I went with friends and drank rose and relaxed in the shade and honestly? I am not sure what I did on Saturday and Sunday - nothing really productive! I drank far too many coffees, ate far too much greasy food, met friends, gossiped, bought a great dress on Sunday afternoon, went to a book shop, went to a party, hung out at a local pub, met friends and went for a walk and finished with a pizza on Sunday night watching Blood Diamond - here and spent the rest of Sunday night crying! I cried over the child soldiers and rebels taking over countries in Africa all the time and killing their own and the waste of land, life, children! What made me cry even more is learning about conflict diamonds - please see this movie - it's important! Here are some facts! I think that the more I learn about Africa, the more helpless I feel and I feel useless, impotent, and I wish I could help, make an impact do something for a child there. ( I have fought the urge to steal a little child before getting on a plane in Cape Town!) Sorry to spoil this for any of you going to see this movie - what made me cry was the children, the child soldiers, with their AK 47s bigger than them, killing their own people. These are tiny children - it devastated me. And in the movies the kids were drugged, stoned, drunk and killers - it is scary how many child soldiers there are and how many wars there are in Africa where the rebels use children.
So it's Monday and I have changed light bulbs, cleared out the back - as in tidied the shelf and got rid of books that won't sell - I lugged two boxes across the road! I have bought books, priced and shelved them answered emails, redid the window display and tidied the shelves in the back - phew! That's for all the people who think that I sit here all day reading instead of working and doing physical work too! It looks much better and cleaner!
Now I am reading TheBoleynInheritance - a novel about three women Katherine of Howard, Anne of Cleves and Jane Boleyn - it's very intense! I love Phillipa Gregory's books and the whole King Henry and his 6 wives drama and antics - I love reading of all the court dramas, betrayals and scandals - it's very intriguing!
I have a whole list of things to do this week and am reading about diamonds and the conflicts (so so sad - especially that there is a war in Darfur right now) so off I go...

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