Monday, January 22

Monday again...

This year is going too fast for me and this day is just too quiet for me! I have read about amputees, read the news, bought, priced, cleaned and put out books, swept, tidied some of the back, read emails and started designing the leaflets I need to hand out next Monday - school's back!
And it's only 12pm!
It could be that I had a very late night on Friday night, followed by work on Sat and a lateish night on Sat night - I went to the Symphony in the Domain - it was incredible to sit and chat, listen to music and eat and I was so relaxed - Sunday I had a family lunch followed by a wedding and another lateish night so I am feeling a bit vague today!
I have discovered a spray to spray in your hair to colour it for a day to wash out the next day and was thrilled with the results ( nice colour, no roots showing!), I met several new people over the weekend and did a bit of walking/wandering about..
Now I am trying to decide what to read! I am halfway through Sara Nelson's book about reading 52 books in one year and how she feels that books choose her, I am still wanting to read Phillipa Gregory's The Boleyn Inheritance but keep finding other books to read quickly instead and I have been paging through a book commissioned by the ABC about love letters with love letters from the 40's 50's and 60's mostly found by children after their parent's death or while moving home or in a book or from someone in someones past and it's a great compilation but I couldn't read all the love letters in one sitting because some of them were really intense or intimate and I started feeling overloaded.
Last night at the wedding my friend promised his new bride that love was magic and he promised to ensure that each day of their married lives would be better than the day before! Then he sang her a rock song - I believe in a thing called love! So I am feeling the love, the fireworks on Sat night and watching two very happy people get married last night - you know when you really like two people and you are so happy for them and so happy to be there? Well that's the kind of night it was.
So I have chosen to read Ben Elton's latest book Chart Throb reviewed here I love what Ben Elton did with Big Brother UK in Dead Famous (I think) and I think I will love his satire and irony and black comedy mocking the whole Idol craze. Also I need a diversion from the lovey dovey weekend.
I also need to do email campaigns, design leaflets in yellow, contact schools, arrange books and find suppliers...

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