Wednesday, January 24

chart throb...

can't put it down! Ok I'm still eating, drinking, working, emailing, walking, feeding sis's cats, watching Will and Grace, designing leaflets but with an incredible urge to carry on reading his book - I'm hooked!
I have also just set up an author to come talk about his book in March - he is a young, hot travel journalist so that should be fun!
I emailed schools yesterday and started on the design ready to put up posters and hand out leaflets to mothers and school kids this Monday...
but am completely hooked and hurrying things along so I can get immersed in this book again...
It's been a slow week and is raining today and have had about 3 people a day trying to sell books to me. I have had weird customers all week, dropping things, breaking things, being awkward - or maybe it's just me, wanting a rest, to be on holiday, to swim and to tan but with four days off this Australian weekend - I'll have plenty of time to read, tan, swim, relax and have fun - just need to finish the work I need to get done!

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  1. I'm glad you like Chart Throb! I was hooked too and now I have two more Ben Elton books here to read. All I need now is the time to read them! I hope you have a good Australia Day weekend.