Tuesday, January 9

52 Books...

Penguin has just released the 52 books you must read this year to be healthy wealthy and wise... it's pretty good and I am sure after reading a lot of them - maybe I'll be more balanced.
I've been stuck on fiction, strange autobiographies, short stories and weird science facts for a while now - but looking at this list which includes business, self help and nutrition - what should I pick?!
I am reading EveryoneWorthKnowing about Bette going from a nobody with a nothing job to a big New York somebody and getting to know New York and everyone worth knowing...
I have decided to start saving and get to New York; everything is pointing me towards there - I want to see this place that so many people have fallen in love with!
In the meantime; the shop needs my maximum effort this year, I'm drinking an organic banana smoothie with wheatgerm and honey, reading the Penguin newsletter after sweeping, banking, tidying...
Have a look at the list!

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