Monday, December 11

start of the week...

Usually when I come to work on Mondays; I am full of plans for the week and have ideas and general thoughts on what to achieve. I also make a point to read the secrets posted anonymously on one of my favourite blogs because I feel that most people have the same secrets, fears, desires and hopes as me and that it gives me time to think how lucky I am. I also find myself staring at some of the postcards thinking that I understand whoever wrote that and that they are reaching out and sharing because its probably better to face something and get it out.
I spent my entire day off with family and friends yesterday and so today more than usual; I am thinking of the friendships I have formed and what a huge support I have had over the time I have been running my business and all my life actually!
A girl friend stayed over on Sat night and we messed around, ate fish and spinach for dinner, watched The Virgin Suicides and read science stuff and early Sunday morning, she and I walked to Bondi, had breakfast at Gusto then she went to work at the flea market and I went shopping and found a gorgeous red dress with tiny flower print and bright red thongs/flip flops. Then I sat on a couch in Gertrude and Alice reading and drinking a chai tea. I phoned my cousin and we we went to a cafe for his brekky and an anorexic ice coffee for me. Then my cousin phoned his friend and we went to another place called Imanja (Sea Goddess In Brazilian) for coffee for them and water for me. Then we went to my cousin's friends' place to eat burgers and salads and lay around and then went back to my cousin's place. Pops fetched me and we went to meet my friend and her parents for an early dinner and then she and I left our parents to it and went to meet more friends at a pub later. I spent over 12 hours out in or near Bondi and must have spent 4 or so hours of that walking around in the heat!

Work: phoning to get Christmas tree removed from my door, answering emails, organising shop, the books in the window needed to be displayed probably and I arranged the desk and some of the sections. I swept too!

Reading: a bizarre book called TheTurning about an ER doctor who becomes a vampire; it's well written because the Dr is confused, bewildered, cynical and disbelieving herself - so it's not pure fantasy - it's quite and intelligent look for me at a genre I'd never normally go near. But I still find it strange to read!

I'm also reading all anonymous secrets which are posted on this blog every Sunday and make me think, make me realise how grateful I am or connect me to someone else either in agreement or empathy

Customers and Sales: early this morning and having a lull now; just tidied the shop though!

I am going to carry on reading this; it's so unusual...


  1. Thank you for dropping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment! you know, my dad is an author, and I myself love to read. I'll add you to my blog list and stop by again! Are you on the OC?