Tuesday, December 12

in fifteen minutes...

I decided that seeing as I am behind a desk all day and spend a lot of it on the laptop; I downloaded a free programmes that sets up micro breaks every 15 minutes (you choose) and alerts you to stop and look around. I have been reading all sorts of things about health, life, stress and just finished an article about how people work longer hours, take less breaks, commit themselves to their desks and eat at their desks and are facing obesity and burn out much much earlier. I think convenience is making me lazy and in an effort to change that I spent longer making a meal last night (fish and spinach), cut down my TV time, did some stretches and crunches at home, had a lovely long bath and read more - I tend to get into a health kick when i recognise symptoms of stress or get overtired for no reason. I think it's good to take micro breaks and move around more...
Yesterday I was looking through a blog and discovered that there are a lot of diabetics writing about their personal experiences with diabetes and even have an online forum; I realised I don't really talk about my Type I diabetes on here. I think it's partly because it is really part of me and it's perfectly natural for me to inject four times a day, to experience lows (or hypos), to monitor my eating and to test my sugars. The only time I really think about it is if something happens (like losing my license) and amazingly enough when I have bad days and act cranky or moody or lose it - I don't associate it with my diabetes.
And in the past year I have been better, my hair is healthy, I am eating more and more vegetables, have smoothies with wheat germ and am continuously cutting out fat and junk in my diet - I not testing as often as I should, not being perfectly good in regards of some of the things I could be doing, but I am healthy and in control - which is a brilliant thing. I don't even get nauseous as often and when I do get sick now; I can look after myself better and use both herbal medicines and chemist medicines to make it quicker. I love honey, orange juice, vitamins, superfoods and because I have added them to my diet and I am consciously looking after my health - I am hardly getting sick!
My friend who reads my blog said that it's a journey and when I write it's about my personal journey while concentrating on the shop and this business. To some degree being a diabetic helps with all things in life, because I have no choice; I have to inject, I have to monitor my weight, have to cut fat and blissful things from my diet and only have the occasional treat (like chocolate cake, coffee with sugar...) and I have to stay aware of what makes me sick, how to heal fast otherwise if I don't look after all these things I risk horrible infections, terrible sugar control and death!
In the same way this business has become a journey and while I believe that health and balance comes first; I also believe that I cannot make anything of this business by sitting back and complaining. I do complain - believe me, partly because I feel lonely and would love advice and partly because I hate advice and like being alone because I read, blog, look at interesting articles, read the news, find books and reviews - all 'research' but I'd get fired for the time I waste if I had a boss. ( and then make it up by working non stop!)
So it is a journey, in the last year I have put my diabetes first and made myself healthier and have been working on this business and I was thinking that the skills I have developed over the 20 months I have been running things can be transferred to marketing, PR, promoting - it's all been incredible.
I agree with my friend it is a journey and it doesn't end and there are times I want to stay home, read, eat junk food and just not care for a little ( and I do sometimes) but then I push myself forward because this person I am becoming makes me glad and proud! :)


  1. Are you going to join the OC? Life and diabetes is a journey, and ya know, it only ends at the end.

  2. Hi there. I found your site via a comment you left on Sarah's blog. I write a diabetes blog called Six Until Me. and I would be more than happy to add you to my blogroll, if you want. There are so many diabetes bloggers out there that would love to hear your voice. :)

    I'll be back to check out your blog soon!

    -- Kerri.