Saturday, December 9


I went out last night til quite late and met my friend for an early breakfast this morning and I am so tired today! I must be getting old and have tried a huge coffee and a few fruit juices to perk me up! I am finally sitting and enjoying the results of buying in stock and seeing it sell. The parachute bags are doing brilliantly - they're the best purchasing decision I have made. That's the best thing about running this shop with so much support and advice from family and friends - it's nice to sit and watch how changes any changes affect the whole thing.
It's amazing but i am even better at servicing the customers - I have become a lot more patient with them - and the only time I get a little cranky is when I am a bit tired or hungry.
I went to Gertrude and Alice on Thurs night - one of my favourite book shops in Bondi and ended up talking to a guy who is very interested in computers, computer sites and was listening to all the things I have done in terms of promotions and made suggestions. We then googled one of business peoples' biggest complaints - which is that their company doesn't show up on the first few hits. I googled my full name, ebbye, Books on Bronte and Books and Bits on Bronte and ranged between being the first hit to the seventh hit and links to my blog, book reviews, my space, friends who have referred to me on their blogs, free business directories and the shop's website. It was the first time I have really felt proud of everything I have taken on in the past year and realised how easy it is to have all the things I do at hand. A website, a blog and an ability to access free things on the net and promote promote promote!
Once this season is over and we go into the New Year I have plans to keep reviewing, to keep spying, to keep taking business advice and to apply it - because it clearly works!

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  1. Hi Ebbye,
    and as promised I'll come and visit your shop. But at this time I'm sorting out my stuff and searching for a new place... you know ... priorities ...

    Anyway, I look forward seeing you again in the Hemingway room.
    Take care.