Friday, December 8

right it's 5pm...

Today has been a long and involved day. I have spent it buying books, receiving free books, unpacking, pricing and arranging new stock on a display, selling from the window display, recommending books for teens, books for pressies, rearranging the classics, rearranging the entire display and sinking down now and then in exhaustion - let me put it this way I have burnt thousands of calories and can justify staying at home for a bit tonight and vegging!
I bought a lot of classics like Ken Kesey's One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest - I loved it, Nietzsche, Hemingway, Satre, Anais Anin, Plato, Aristotle...things which should sell and a whole lot of psychology books from Freud to case studies to the conscious mind. I then spent over an hour pricing them, cleaning and slowly putting them out!
Then I had a teen girl come in with her mom and sold her Girlforce - which is a guide for a young women's mind, body and soul - she loved it!
Now that I have finally stopped arranging things and shelving - I have been chatting to a friend and looking at stuff on the net...

Sales: an excellent day
Customers: plenty and very happy ones!
I loved that site I showed you earlier - how cool is the name?!
Work achieved: all of the above and the window display, the art and classics sections

I am tired now; I think I'll go home in an hour, veg out and then take my friend to a local Bar in Bondi...

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