Saturday, December 16

the perfect Christmas pressie

The Everyman's Library has just released it's 100 essentials set to celebrate its one hundred years of publishing - does anyone want to buy me a US$1.000 pressie?!
It features a lot of classics, quite a few Jane Austens, a couple of Charles Dickens and all the incredible classics like To the Lighthouse, Lolita, Canterbury Tales and Madame Bovary - it's quite a gift!
I am sitting here drinking coffee and reading this book - The Orange Mocha Chip Frappuccino Years - about a goy named Ross and his mates. Ross is probably the most conceited self absorbed moron I have ever had the pleasure of reading - I love these books. He is really a typical arrogant jock with the brains of a four year old and he talks with this Irish lingo about the biggest load of rubbish but the books are highly enjoyable, incredibly funny and an unbelievable look at what these goys get up to which is mainly drinking and picking up women. I have read the Curious Incident in the Nighttime and and PS I Scored the Bridesmaids and loved them both! Paul Howard writes a column for Ireland's Sunday Tribune and Ross O' Carroll-Kelly is an iconic character over there! Read it; you won't be disappointed!
I have just finished reading to a baby girl and helping her older brother and sister choose a book each - they came away with a book on ponies, a book on ships and a book on meals and they were all beaming when they left! I like days which start like that!
I am a bit tired (again) I went to hear Juicy sing last night and got home late (again)
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