Friday, December 15


I have been spending all my time with friends lately! This morning we rearranged the entire front section, placed books and things on the desk and generally just set up the shop with more funky things! We had so much fun, sweeping, dusting, hanging up stock, changing the entire section and making the desk look incredibly funky!
I have been so busy! Yesterday I gift wrapped for a few hours at Myer for charity, bought stock for the shop, decorated the window with Christmas crackers and presents and cleaned up the entire shop! We went to a jazz and cocktail night last night - which was great! We had cocktails and chatted to people and had a lot of fun!
But have spent over four hours now, hanging pictures, cards, putting a table cloth on the desk, rearranging the entire floor and look of the shop and I think I had a late night and an early start so am exhausted!
I am going to hear my friend sing tonight, just had lunch at the kiddies table with a friend, had four friends visit the last two days - it's been great! And the shop looks colourful and a bit kooky and we have had customers in and out all day - we must be doing something right!

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