Tuesday, December 19

books, presents, sales, wrapping, sorting...

That's what the shop has been like over these two weeks leading up to the holidays! Some of my friends get 7 -10 weeks paid leave - because they're teachers and get until Feb off! Then all the tourists are here in their tiny bikinis, built up bodies and laissez faire attitude - they're everywhere, partying, drinking, surfing, walking around - making it so much harder for this mortal to come to work in the mornings!
Pops and Mops went to a book fair on Sunday and bought some babies toys, diaries, books and gifts and some kids things for me to put out and price on Monday! But Monday was one of those days; I had been out all day Sunday again, for breakfast in Bondi, followed by an afternoon in Balmain, coffee back in Bondi, met a friend at a pub and met another friend at Gertrude and Alice my favourite cafe bookshop - I got home late again and I think the combination of heat, work and going out made me so tired and low - I got Pops to shop sit for the rest of the afternoon so I could sort my diabetes out and sleep it off!
I'm feeling much much better and am once again, sorting, finding, selling, moving and getting the shop ready for the influx of shoppers and pressies!
I started reading ABladeofGrass yesterday and love it! It's all about a girl who comes from Joburg to be the farmer's wife on an isolated farm. I have just started it so nothing dramatic has happened yet but love the references to Africa, the soil, its people, the farmer and the differences between the blacks and whites - it's lovely!
I walked to work this morning and am having a coffee while helping a man find books, moving some stock around and going to sweep in a few minutes!

Customers: a few and all asking for new books (sigh!)
Sales: slow!
Site of the day: I just bought this la terra des del cel book for the shop; it's photography from the sky, looking down on earth like workers in a river in the Ivory Coast, cities, mountains, people - it's incredible and makes me feel so small so tiny and insignificant against this earth! Here is a site that has altitudephotos

I suddenly have customers popping in and out, a woman in humour, a man sitting in the photography section and I am looking through this photography book,,,

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