Wednesday, December 6

oops I didn't see it...

a woman pushed her baby's pram into my glass display knocking everything down.
Let me explain; it's a 5 shelf glass display stand with metal legs and frame facing the door ;so it's the first object which faces you when you come in. It has a black Christmas tree on the top and is full of shiny goodies like books, toys, fone chains, bags etc - you'd seriously have to be blind not to see it.
I screamed when the tree and the books fell off because I thought the display would break, the baby screamed out of mortal fear and the mom gave the classic line that she didn't see it!That was the start of my day! After tidying the display and receiving free books from a lovely man who always pops in with articles about books and shops - it could only get better!
Last night I had a very European evening; stated off watching one of the best films I have seen this year with Mops and Pops - TheValet - which was really silly and funny, with excellent lines and everybody was laughing! Then we went to have tapas at the restaurant next door, yummy potatoes, chicken skewers, haulomi, spinach and almond thing and mushrooms - mmmm! Afterwards I went to hear Juicy sing at BB's and was surrounded by a whole lot of passionate, French, Spanish and Italian travellers who had so much to say in loud voices - I had a great night!
I have been in the shop contemplating what happened to the guy who was meant to come in and help me alphabetise - any offers?!
I finished off my email campaign yesterday and sent it off:

Books and Bits on Bronte has evolved and now includes stationery, children's toys and a unique selection of small gifts and cards; while remaining the local second hand book shop!
Books and Bits on Bronte is a reading haven for the whole family: instill a love of books from an early age with our babies’ and toddlers’ books, bring the kids in for free readings, entice the teens and yourself with a diverse choice of enchanting, educational and entertaining books.
Celebrate this season with our books and bits!

We’d like to wish all our customers, helpers and friends a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and a Happy New Year!

During last the week of December our opening hours are:
Mon – Fri 9:30 am – 6:00pm
Saturdays: 10:00am – 5:00pm
And Sundays from 11:00am - 3:00pm; for all your shopping needs!

During February 2007 Books and Bits on Bronte will be hosting children’s authors Susanne Gervay (10th Feb) and Janette Brazel (24th Feb) for a morning of reading and signing their books– details to follow in the New Year

You miss out on the pictures, shop details and pink background though - I couldn't copy it in properly. So that's me getting all pink and pretty this Christmas - I was going to say something about pink bits, because the tree has pink baubles but decided to leave as is!
While I have been typing this; a little boy has been shooting my slightly short door Santa and running around in the shop with a toy gun - very cute!I walked to work today and for some reason it gave me a lot of energy so am going to find something shoppy to do...

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  1. Excellent - more people should make xmas pink and sparkly! Good luck with the rest of the customers, you're bound to have more casualty displays in the xmas rush now...