Thursday, December 7

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I had my hair cut and coloured a deep red last night, bought a gorgeous pair of pewter thongs (flip flops - this morning) and a friend of mine painted my nails fuchsia on the weekend; so I feel all girly and pretty - and it's psychological, I feel so pretty!
I have spent the day helping two kids find books and trying to teach the little boy to sit on the fitness ball without falling and cracking his head open - no go, his legs were too short!
It's now 5pm and the red dye must have seeped through my brain because I have no idea where the day went! I have been reading an online women's magazine with its My Space page FrankMagazine because I want to start writing again and need an outlet like this. It covers believing in yourself, true beauty, goals, achievements and just being - I love it!
I have also been looking for places to do book reviews and contacted a few sites about putting my book shop up; if you Google the shop - it comes up and so does the blog so I must be doing something right!
I started reading a great book while waiting for my hair and then while baby sitting for my sis this morn; I started to read another book and just feel like I am missing something today. I feel all hot and bothered and really lazy - even though there is so much i could be doing and achieving shop wise!
But it's Summer and I feel like I am on holiday - I even met a baby called Summer this morning while out having coffee in Bondi and spying on the book shop down there - they're doing really well!

Reading: 2 books - Hotel and waiting to finish The Lake of Dead Languages - I love the way she writes about this thing that happened to the lead character 20 years before and everything is implied. It is so suspenseful!
Customers: plenty (yay!)
Kids: 6 - 2 of them spent ages in here while their mommy was at the post office. The little 11 year old girl read at the kiddies table and the 7 year old boy and I chatted and tried out the fitness balls
Sales: good day! (mate)
site of the day: want to recommend a good business online - this is interesting

and seeing that I have done so little; I am going to rearrange the window display...

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