Tuesday, December 5

new things...

I have found some new things called widgets to set up a list of things to do each day, to search books on the net and hundreds and hundreds of other things! It's quite amazing how many widgets there are (which are little icons on your desktops with different functions) I set up ones for work, like book searches, news sites, dictionary and a daily task thingie - I was just talking with my sis about how advanced it all is and when her baby is older - she'll be a computer whizz but probably really awful at spelling and communicating!
I mean look at me; I'm a bit computer mad, at work all day, spending a lot of my time alone and resourcing books, business advice and information and while promoting and marketing and just faffing about - I find all sort of things on the net! It's highly addictive...
In between looking at sites on the net; I have been assessing all the stuff I'd like to do in the shop coming up to the big spending season. I am waiting on orders, tidying up sections, making sure people can see what's in here and I am even getting someone to help alphabetise some sections tomorrow (yay!)

Sales: appalling
Customers: about 6 and have been chatting to a South African lady about South African politics and the movie 3 needles - very pleasant!
tidied and swept: yes
books: shelved and priced a few and rearranged a bit of the fiction section
emails: all emails from businesses promoting stock over the season - that's a hint! I have been working on mine to go out next week
work to do: I want the guy coming in to do the poetry and literature sections and I want to fix up classics and fiction - I also want to plan for the shopping season and choose books to recommend for gifts etc.
site of the day: widgets

I have spent the rest of my time reading Hotel New Hampshire and rearranging the window today - I figured I needed to use my legs;it's a form of exercise keeping myself busy and moving about all the time...

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