Monday, December 4


No - we do not sell torch batteries here! and no we do not sell newspapers either! What's with people today, they want all kinds of things apart from all the stock we have in here?

I haven't been blogging lately because I haven't been a great single girl - I have been setting up a glass display cabinet and sorting out the display in the shop rather than out playing and drinking cocktails - but the thought ALWAYS seems to be so appealing at work and never appealing as soon as I finish!
I spent the weekend watching DVDs ( really good ones:3needles (absolutely brilliant) , happyendings and meandmysister ) eating, chatting to a friend and just vegging out - yes it's appealing to me having worked all week and lifted things, moved things, answered questions, been servile but very unappealing to you the reader and now that I that I think of it - not so conducive to balancing my professional and personal lives. I need to exercise more, get out more, go on dates and enliven myself!
I wish I had the same amount of motivation, energy, drive and sheer desire to make something out of this business and apply it to my personal life as well.
But I did chat to a friend, get loads of advice, had many many cups of coffee, watched three excellent DVDs and started reading a brilliant book - so I am happy sorta!

Customers: 10 - amazing so far!
business advice given: yes I decided to tell someone that if they needed to promote their writing and get themselves known- they need to use their my space profile as a marketing tool - have a look at my my space in my links - I use it as a link to my shop and this blog and I have heard from publishing houses and writers - it's an amazing way of seeing who and what is out there and being inspired by their passion!
Swept: yes
Chatted to: a woman who taught art and she was full of compliments about me, the shop, the colours and stock - which I sorely needed
sales: yes! an amazing start to the week
sorted out some inner stuff: getting there!
reading:HotelNewHampshire - John Irving - a very weird book about this family and all the detailed things which happen to them. It's one of the strangest most compelling books I've read lately - it has all kinds of controversial issues in it, bears as pets, living on the poverty line, very weird children
with their individual issues and it's a bit sick but I need to read this to see what happens.
site of the day: while looking for motivation -how2become

Seeing that I spy on businesses and get business advice and source for all sort of business ideas - I think I am going to start doing the same and applying the same rules to my single life. Come on people - I need some advice...

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