Friday, December 1

all the s words...

summer, sun, sexy, singlets, swimmers, sungazing, sundazing, singles... I love summer, cocktails, mooching around and people watching - Bondi is the perfect place for all of this!
My friends are in England, South Africa, Hong Kong and here and they're married or pregnant or just engaged or opening up new businesses or dating or planning on staying and living here or trying something new and I am thrilled for all of them - it's one of those days - I just won a fitness ball as a prize! I think sitting on them all the time MUST be doing something to flatten my stomach!
While working tirelessly (hah) in the shop; I have still been doing the thing I promised to do a year ago - getting my balance and I have lined up a few events to go to and plan on going to Bondi in the evenings to walk/swim but mainly to look at hot guys and drink fruit cocktails! :) and fruit juices have helped - I feel all sexy and muscly! This weekend I am going to one of my fave restaurants for a birthday dinner followed by some launch of a website.
I noticed that a lot of my regulars are buying Christmas presents for kids here - I have been selling parachute bags and toys since Tuesday - I love the small business loyalty here! We have a huge shop keepers Christmas party soon and am working out what to give away as prizes with Christmas crackers in a few weeks!

So far I have:

swept the shop
helped a girl pick a travel guide for the USA
given her dog a dental treat - he loved it
tidied my desk and re arranged the stock on it
researched a few suppliers for kid's products and toys
rearranged the journals and diaries - to make them stand out and sell quicker
answered emails from friends to arrange dinners and breakfasts over the week
put myself on a guest list for a launch

The best site is a company who made huge profits and turnover despite set backs and arson - they're funky and love what they do and I find that their business ethic and appeal to young funky people who want to incorporate health into their lives is inspiring for me and helps with my business. Have a look at Nudie - I love their nudie n'ices!

I am still reading my fluffy chick lit and have discovered some amazing baby products for next year and am thinking about being in Bondi later getting my body into shape while people watching. Hmmm....

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