Thursday, November 30

reading, relaxing, cleaning, walking about, looking at stock...

all part of the job really! I am trying to get to know the books I am not so into like Australiana, History and sci fi - it helps when I recommend to people. I have spent the past four days putting books out, finding interesting books and trying to memorise what I have and what's interesting - so when someone asks for something to read I've got these ready for you:

Bryce Courtney's AprilFool'sDay - about his hemophiliac son Damon who became infected with AIDS from a blood transfusion and is one of the most heart wrenching and open books I have read. It's about a father's love for his son and Damon's girlfriend Celeste who provided him with love, support, medication and was with him through a really difficult and painful time. Bryce Courtney wrote a really honest, emotional and devastating book which is so full of love - it's hard to read through the blurry tears!

Does Anything Eat Wasps - questions and Answers from the New Scientist's Last Word. I love these books; they're funny, intriguing, captivating and people who answer the questions and get them printed in the actual magazine get reimbursed for them! It's a great collection of questions and answers for people who are curious about the little things in the world and these get published every year!

We have all the classics for kids, Black Beauty, Anne of Green Gables, Heidi, Moby Dick, Tom Sawyer, Treasure Island, The Secret Garden, Oliver Twist and White Fang - these are excellent stocking fillers (we have tiny versions!) and kids seem to still read them and love them!

And girls/women - there is plenty of chick lit for the beaches and some excellent ones like Small Island, The Deep End of The Ocean, The God of Small Things, The Poisonwood Bible and a whole mix of Marion Keyes, Maeve Binchey, Isabel Allende and even red dress ink books which are the lightest fluffiest books imaginable for this hot, hot weather!

So what with the black Christmas tree, hundreds of books and the shelves all stocked up and some of the sections alphabetised (Grace - you'll be proud of my long 4 day stint!) we're ready for Christmas a month early!

I have been tired and hot all week and my arms are very muscly, I have been doing crunches, walking, puppy sitting, eating more fruit and veggies, taking vitamins - all in the name of this BIG season (sheesh it's tough being a retailer!) I put out about 7 boxes, re shelved, priced and cleaned and Pops cleared the last box this morning! :)

Now after a long, hard four day stint; I can relax a bit with a red ink book called DatingWithoutNovocaine- a complete fluffy, predictable chick lit to go with the spotless and stocked shop! (Oh and a fruit juice from the health shop across the road!)

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