Wednesday, November 8

writing, authors and chatting!

It has been a great morning! I got an order of parachute shopping bags in; all different colours, which I arranged in a basket, priced and put out!
I had a meeting with a children's author - we drank coffee and black tea while chatting about books and a signing/talk for her next year!
I helped a friend edit and proof read her assignment over email and chatted to a girl who dispenses flyers in cafes and shops all over the place!
I decided to get fit; so am sitting on a medium green fitness ball as I type. It's a bit small for the desk but I'm stretching the legs and sitting straight and it gets uncomfortable so I have to walk about!
I have sold journals and a puzzle from all the new stock I have ordered today and I can see that the shop is slowly slowly going in the direction we are pushing it in! Phew! :)
I started reading this The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio this morning and it's a really good book. Terry Ryan writes about her mother who raised 10 children by basically writing poems, jingles and adverts of almost of all the products in the 50's for a variety of competitions. And she won! She won bikes, washers, dryers, shopping sprees, holidays and her family got everything they needed in a cannily timely way! It's becoming a movie and it's really fascinating to read about this family on the breadline and Terry writes about how her mother inspired her to be happy and positive all gained through winning prizes and never giving up! It was a time of housewives, competitions, jingles and the old fashioned concept that a wife/mother raises and supports the family while father works - but in this book Evelyn Ryan aptly defied all the challenges they faced! It really is an inspiring read and hopefully will make an excellent movie.
The girl I was chatting to got me a coffee, I have read to a few kids, received free books, had my windows cleaned...
It's been a great morning!


  1. Evelyn Ryan??!! Sounds a bit like Ebby Ryan!! That's funny!
    Glad you had a good day and that things are looking up :)!!!

  2. I didn't even notice that! How funny!
    It's a great book G and the movie is coming out soon; so are you!