Tuesday, November 7

please hold...

Your call is important to us, please hold and we'll be with you as soon as possible! Aaarrggghhh try hearing this at least well it's up to 30 times now!
It's Melbourne Cup day, so am sure people are placing their bets, choosing horses, attending lunches and watching the race! I am not a better or a horse race girl; but have picked a few names I like. I picked no 13 Zipping and also chose Headturner, Glistening, Yeats, Short Pause and Mandela! Who calls a horse Short Pause?!
After my momentous decision to actually get out the house and attempt to live up to a single girl stereotype; I have arranged to go to a drinks thing on Thursday night, have the U2 concert on Saturday night (a late birthday present - I am so excited!) and I am looking at all the other options! There are Shakespeare plays in the park, dinners, drinks, um.... hmmmm...
My friends have been great and they're inviting me to all sorts of things, left right and centre. I have dinner, movie and weekend plans - so that's a start!
I need to get hold of these people and am doing a bit of a Christmas promotional thing for the shop and to get the Bits side out there!
I am looking at giving away some sort of gift...you read it here first!
I have been reading a Phryne Fisher Murder Mystery; it's well written and good fun - Grace I think you'll like these. Kerry Greenwood's murder mysteries are based in the 20's and Phyrne is this beautiful, elegant woman who toys with men's bodies but not their minds, solves crimes, helps people, is very charitable, is very well liked, a great dresser and much desired! Now there's someone to look up to! Have a look at her!
Mmmm there are cocktail recipes on her site as well as little things about her; it's lovely when a character comes alive and becomes a voice and a person a reader can get to know intimately and befriend! Kerry Greenwood has written so many Phryne Fisher Mysteries and they are really really good!
I have a gift guide for Christmas which is a great way to look at all the products and suppliers; I am going to go a bit crazy ordering stock! I am beginning to love all the funky things out there...

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