Thursday, November 9

reading and reading

I just picked up a copy of TheWitches of Chiswick after I finished reading the prize winner book. I have been reading and reading...
I had one of those mornings, its cold and depressing for November and I have been drinking endless coffees and reading - mostly in bed with no desire to get up or get anything done!
Then I finally went to shop for kids' books, to spy on Borders and look at their new releases, had a coffee and did all the little thing like paying bills, banking, pricing books, petting a rabbit ( the pet shop ran out of puppies and kittens for me to pat, so rabbits it was!)
and now I am recovering from a woman asking me if I had a weight problem or a cyst because she looked at my stomach! Horrors! I never thought my stomach was THAT big! It's given me a complex!
I joined a programme to assist migrants with English over the phone and my guy is very difficult to get hold of! He works a 13 to 15 hour day - so I have no complaints! I need to call him tonight!
Since I came in at lunchtime, I have packed a box for the stall at a market I am attending in two Sats, Pops and I have cleared the shelves and I have put out or given away quite a few books. I just had one of my regular sellers in and he gave me some crime fictions and a book about eels! The book isn't just about eels (I'm paraphrasing the blurb) it's about how people connect through culture and distance by a common resource. I don't know anything about eels - nor do I have a remote interest in them but I may try read this...
The Witches of Chiswick looks weird and interesting, I am going to buy a coffee and settle in...

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