Wednesday, November 15


I went to an art exhibition yesterday and enjoyed some yummy red wine, chicken livers and artichokes while looking at the art and chatting with people about family and plants and mothers...
Then I went to a family dinner and ate more chicken, salads and we all laughed and screamed it was actually a very circusy dinner

I walked to work this morning, stopped to buy coffee on the way, chatted to people and still managed to get here before 10 am! I can't believe how close I live to the shop and what an easy walk it was!
I have had a few customers in, tried to stop the pound from taking a puppy they found on the side of the road away. This puppy was divine; I fell completely in love with him! The ranger was actually really sweet and said she hates how bad it makes her feel taking puppies away and it felt like I had met a kindred spirit.
I had a friend spending the afternoon in the shop yesterday and we counted the people coming in and how much busier it's become. People are also spending more time in here and this morning, I have already had 10 people in, looking, spending time here and buying. I am very happy! It's lightened my mood seeing the results over the last month and I am a nicer person because of it! I feel less irritated by the same questions, more chatty, just a bit warmer!
While typing on this; I bought a raffle ticket, sold some birthday cards, tried to save a puppy and I have a girl digging through the craft section.
I bought books off an English guy yesterday (Grace you would loved him!) and have been looking through Spike Milligan's The Bible! It's really odd and hysterical, weird conversations between God and Moses and comments that refer to the health system or neighbours or smoked salmon!
It's really very funny, quite dry, a bit offensive at times and it takes a brilliant mind to write like this ( I think)
And God said, Let there be light; and there was light, but Eastern Electricity Board said He would have to wait until Thursday to be connected.
I am reading at random while reading another Phyrne Fisher Murder Mystery - The Green Mill Murder and serving customers, sweeping, drinking coffee etc!
And NO I swept first 9 (I am not that good a multi tasker)...