Tuesday, November 14

to market, to market

I am getting ready for the Annandale Pub market this Saturday!
I have been buying books, cleaning them, pricing them and packing them into boxes in anticipation. I've heard it's a fantastic day with live bands, alcohol, all kinds of stalls and goodies and I am really looking forward to setting up and selling there. I've started packing a mix of girlie books, classics, self helps, popular ones, travel, biographies and tiny ones because I figure that they're cheap and easy to carry around. I'm not sure what to take so I've put in books that sell well in the shops and books that I like or have good names or great covers!
They'll look great and I am working out how to display as many as I can on one trestle table!
I love it; I think it's great promotion for the shop and good for me to be in a different setting, to talk to other stall holders, to copy ideas and it sounds like a great day!
There's a possibility that I'll be going to market every month or so over the next year and taking my babies with me! The stall holders get free drinks and we are all closely packed together so I think it will be fun!
I have spent all morning buying books and then choosing what to take with and for ages last night.Last night the shop was so busy I closed at 7pm (missed the book talk) but managed to get a lot of choosing and packing done. Eventually I was getting tired and hungry (and possibly cranky!) so I told a guy just sitting and reading that we were closing; he wasn't too happy about it, I gave him a discount on the book he was reading and went home to read in the bath!
I am incredibly tired this morning; I couldn't sleep last night and as a result couldn't get up today!
I have had a girl with curly curly blonde hair whose cat is sick and had to get its leg seen to so the vet wrapped up her leg as well - with a pink bandage- so sweet! We read a farm book and some nursery rhymes while her mom bought about 15 kids books - very nice start!


  1. That market sounds great E - what a fun day!!! Good for you, I hope it all goes brilliantly!